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  • 2020.03.27

[Monthly profit 25%] Good performance for 8 months! The registration method and operation results of FX automatic trading “GPIG” are open to the public!

GPIG is a fund company that invests in and cooperates with the virtual currency futures exchange “NGEL PARTNERS (has a financial license in Labuan and St. Vincent)”. This time, allGPIG registration methods and operation results will be released to the public! “GPIG” is a company that returns profits by managing and managing funds while conducting FX copy trading and management. Compound interest is possible Operable from $ 1 (BTC deposit) * To get affiliate referral reward, start from $ 1000 Withdrawal is possible from $ 100 * Dividend is the next business day after application, investment money is 3 days to 1 week The minimum monthly interest guarantee is 10%, and the maximum is 70%. * Based on actual results, it was about 20% in 8 months. I heard this story in mid-October, and I didn’t think I should try it first, so I started from about $ 1000. The following is a record of the 3 months (→ 2021/3/21 is still continuing as of 8 months). In addition, it should be noted. Is it a scam HYIP? Is it a reliable company? Is in the process of being scrutinized. I would like to update this article each time, but […]